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Near Death Experience In Colorado - Spend the day with me hear my story - Spirit Forest - S4 -Ep#20

Posted: 04/02/2020 by :

48 min long video... Remember the "Good Old Days" where we could go to bars and restaurants and be in public. It really wasn't that long ago. I can't believe I am saying this, but this video is outdated and it is just a little over a month old. I take you on a typical weekend day for me. Come join me for the day I tell stories, make new stories, try out new places, snowshoe, pizza.. and more. :) See what video is coming up next by viewing my video calendar, get information on my Colorado Wilderness Classes, answers to popular questions I get asked, Spirit Forest Events, Ways to Donate to Spirit Forest, Help the Charity we support, and view photos… ALL on my Website at: Ways to donate to channel: The playlist of my Journey (documentary) Start at Season 1: Watch all of Season 2: Facebook Page: Twitter: Instagram: #SpiritForest #CampingVlog #CanvasTent #Hiking #hikingcolorado #ColoradoBackpacking #Backpacking #livinginatent #canvastent #coloradovlog #coloradocamping #campingvlog #camping #womanoutdoorclasses ADDRESS: Spirit Forest P.O. Box 7588 Denver, CO 80207