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camping trip Monday to Wednesday

7am on June 10, 2019

Organized by: Colorado Adventurers/Backpackers


Good evening. The backpacking trip to Lost Lake Hessie has been canceled due to the mass amounts of snow that has dumped in Nederland, Colorado. I checked the forecast there before the storm & they received a reported 1-2 Ft of snow from this past storm. I went to REI for the Co-Op sale for members only & I spoke to a sales rep & he said the same thing. I will call the Boulder Ranger station the week before I go & ask how much they have received there then make the conclusion on what I am going to do. As for now, I am heading to the Lost Creek Wilderness on June 10th, 2019. If anyone would like to join me then please text me @ (720) 296-7190. I don't know exactly which pass I will take. There are quite a few of them. One pass is a loop & it's rated at 25 miles but there are trails along there. That pass has more wooded area & shade. Harmonica rich Trail does Not have many shaded areas. That area was burned down by a selfish woman who was dumped by her boy friend. She ended up spending a lot of time in jail. She put her letter on fire, threw it on the ground & took off. She was a forest ranger too. Ya, irresponsible! The area has Not fully recovered from the fires yet. I might just hike the Goose Creek, McCurdy, Lake Park. There are campsites along the way there. I will camp at a site that is near water. I was told at Rei that you can camp at Goose Lake as well. Car camping. Please let me know. As I always do, I will document the trip with my camera & Go Pro so you can watch & chronicle it. Thank you!

Seats remaining: 6

Time left to sign up: -8610 hours


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