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Yankee Hill Ohv Trail

Posted: 07/26/2021

I want to write about my day 4wheeling @ Yankee Hill in Colorado.

Yankee Hill location: Yankee Hill OHV Road is a 9.5 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Idaho Springs, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for ohv/off road driving and is best used from April until October

It all started out with, my Jeep Patriot not working.  The Patriot runs with a CVT transmission.  I don’t exactly know the detail about this transmission except, I can tell you; do not buy a vehicle that has one.

The lifespan of a CVT transmission is around 100,000 miles.  My tranny was slipping, not catching the gears.  I would be at a stop, when I hit the gas it would hesitate.  I took it in and one day later the transmission is blown!  The mechanic wanted ,000 to get it fixed.  I opted not to get it repaired so I traded it in for a used Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited 4wd

Now you know my story, I can continue on with my day @ Yankee Hill.

I met up with a guy whose Uncle is a friend of mine.  I met him on Face Book; I put his last name together and realized, I know his uncle and who he hangs out with.  It was perfect!

We decided to go out on a trail, He suggested Yankee Hill, and it is an easy moderate trail.  A stock vehicle can run this trail with no problem.  I only have stock parts with a stock Jeep.  I have about 10” of clearance.  We met up at a grocery store then drove up i70 and took the Central City exit at the gas station.  We met up with a friend of mine.

All of us gathered in our vehicles and drove to Yankee Hill.  You do have to drive into Central City to get to the trail.  Once we arrived at Yankee Hill, there were so many people.  I don’t blame them and was not surprised; it was a Sunday after all.  All of us aired down and pursued on the trail.

You do drive on a nice flat road until you have to hit the main 4wd road.  I was filming the whole time so I have all of this on tape that you can watch.  I will post it here.  After half a mile on the main road, there was a traffic jam.  We had to move on the right hand side, trying not to hit the trees letting two Jeeps pass by.  That was very sketchy!  Inches away from hitting each other.

The trail was very rocky and uncomfortable.  I was sliding and moving all about in the Jeep.  Don’t eat a big breakfast or lunch before you hit this trail or it will be all over your Jeep!  There was only one area on this road that was “challengeable” after that it was nothing too bad!

We ended up making a right hand turn onto a well paved road about 1 mile until we really hit the hard stuff.  That was the real 4wd road.  There was a cool water crossing we had to make.  After the crossing, we came to an area where you could just play around in.  Multiple roads going everywhere!  My buddy decided to drive down a huge crevice, he almost got stuck in it, and he thought he had broken something on his Jeep.  Thank God he did not!  Everything was fine so we continue to pursue the trail.  All of this is documented too!

We have eventually come to the hardest part of the trail.  I don’t know if it even has a name for it.  We had to drive over 3 big boulders in the road!  The other side was worse, I chose the least bad part of it, and this is on camera too!  I had to be guided over the rocks.  As I am driving over them, I can hear, bang, bang then it was over.  I pulled over and looked under my brand new Jeep and I had a nice battle scar dent on my skid plat.  My brand new Jeep just took its first battle scar.  I didn’t know if I should be happy or in dismay.  We all got our laughs in. 

After that hard part, we pursued down the trail.  The road leads up to a big hill and you can drive to the top of the mountain and park.  You can even have a BBQ there too if you have the grill.


First, I would like to rate this trail.

I give this a (Challenging 4WD trail).   This trail is not very hard unless you decide to take the hard parts.  There are plenty of bypass that you can go around.  The trail is very rocky and bumpy.  I did enjoy this trail and like it very much.  For my first time ever going on a really off road driving, it wasn’t bad at All!   I do recommend this trail for the Novice 4wheeler.  It is a good trail to go on if you have no experience like me.  I have driven on bad roads before but nothing like this.  I am still learning my Jeep and what it can do and I am impressed on what it can do!  I know that it can do more than it did that day.  I need to add a lift on it and bigger tires.  I will be adding on some skid plates for my oil pan and front & rear differentials.
The last thing that you need up there is a leaking vehicle, especially your oil pan busted or differential!
I give this trail:
5 stars for a good beginner
3 on road conditions (Moderate to Difficult)
4 on maintained Road
5 on just having a Hell of a time!
Thank you!
Please comment down below!
I will be reviewing more trails as I head out on more Jeep excursions this year.  I will be going snow wheeling this winter too!

Please watch the video here.