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Ozuell Lake Trail

Posted: 12/28/2020

I took a hike to Ozuell Lake Falls.  

(Watch Video)

Location: The trail is located inside of the (RMNC) Rockey Mountain National Park by Estes Park.  You have to drive through the town of Lyons to get there.  I did drive through Boulder.  The drive is very beautiful!  You drive through these huge canyons!  It is a very winding road!  You don't have much of a cell phone service there.  The mountains shield the cell service!

Getting There: You take a right to drive through the park gate.  There was no park ranger so I just drove through it.  The road is short ways to the parking lot.  It was actually full.  If you hike this in the summer, be sure that you arrive early because it was packed!

Trails:  You hike to the trailhead.  The trailhead is just a straight road then you cross over a bridge.  You will come to the first trail on the left hand side.  The main trails to the waterfalls do not start until you walk half a mile down.  You arrive at the beginning of the trail to start hiking to Ozuell Falls.  There are bathrooms here like in the picture.


You will come to several signs showing the trail.  As you continue up the mountain, you come to a nice river.  It was kind of frozen over but it had a pretty good flow to it.

You will continue further up the hill and come to where you can camp at.  You do need a permit when you camp in the (RMNC).  There are No campfires allowed there, I don't ever camp in the (RMNC) due to this reason!

Once you pass this sign, you still have ways to go to get to the Falls.  There are lots of steps.  You finally get to close to the Falls.  You cross a bridge.  There are multiple small rivers and streams here.  They were all frozen over.

A long store short, here is Ozuell Falls.  You can take a left at this bridge that leads to other trails.


I will be coming back for sure in the summer to look at this beautiful waterfall!

Please watch my video that I have made!

Thank you for coming to my post!