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Upcoming Backpacking Trip

Posted: 06/16/2020

Good afternoon everyone!  

I am so proud to announce our June Backpacking trips.  We will be headed to "Lost Lake Hessie Trail" this coming June 21st to June  23rd.  We have some Awesome members who have signed up for this trip.  We will start out at 7:00 A.M. in the morning.  I will be leaving at 4:30 A.M. in the morning.  You must arrive there before 7:00 A.M.  The trail head gets very bust at this time.  We will all meet at the trailhead then start the short trek up the hill.  We will set up camp then wait at the top of the mountain for all of our members.

We plan on walking around the lake, exploring the trails around us.  At sun down, we will make a fire & roast some marshmallows.  This will be a great time to really get to know each other.  We will make friends & have a good time!  I do plan on taking a hike on Monday to King Lake.  This trail is a short ways down the trail.  The trail is estimated to be 5 miles.  This hike will be pending on how many people are willing to go.

I will video tape my trip & post it on the You Tube channel.  You can click on the link and watch my trip from last year.

The whole trip will be chronicled from day 1 to day 3.  I hope this video will Inspire you to join us on our next trip coming up in July.  I will Backpack until winter hits.  I would also like to winter camp too!

Take care & watch our video.  Please subscribe to our channel.

Thank you!