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What Woa Supports

Posted: 03/26/2020


Woa is proud to announce that we support small businesses & Non-Profit Businesses for the outdoors.

There are tons of outdoor non-businesses in America that helps teens & other people get outdoors so they can learn about nature!  These small non-profits do Not have much money to run.  Woa will allow them to create a group on our website to get known & to bring awareness to the public.  If you know anyone or a company that helps people for the outdoors then please send them our way.  They can post an event & it will appear on the home page so everyone will see it.

Woa also has created a group for teens so they can explore the outdoors as well instead of sitting in there house during the summer.  Woa would love to teach & educate them on how to perform certain skills in the wilderness.  This group is in the construction phase right now but we will allow companies to create an Ad that is already in session.

When you join Woa you are helping these Non-Profit companies strive and to reach excellence and to achieve there goals!

Thank you to everyone who has made Woa possible for us!

Team Woa