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June 2020 Backpacking trips

Posted: 02/09/2020

Good evening

Woa would like to invite everyone on our summer backpacking trips coming up in June.  We will let you know the dates soon.  We will be headed to Lost Lake Hessie & Lost Creek Wilderness in Colorado.

Please Sign Up & comment on our blog that we have created about the trip.

This is Lost Lake Hessie Trail.

This is Lost Creek Wilderness

Thank you!



Oh, my God! Where do you live at? I am coming from Parker. I will e-mail you now. I am so sorry!

User: Edifice

Thanks for spearheading this campaign Kevin I want to let you know that I am very flexible on the dates for the campout so if other participants needed to go on certain days I am flexible for any time between june 15th and 4th of July.

User: Edifice

I will not be able to make it I am without a car that was stolen last week