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CTFOO (Impact)

Posted: 10/28/2019

Good evening!

We would like to start off by saying, we are so excited on what we are doing right now with CTOO.

In the previous article I wrote, it was about why we are doing this.  

Continuation....Part (2).

The Impact

I thought about this.  What will the impact be for CTOO.  What effects will we play for future teens in the future as they become older & overcome the High School BS!  The teens who have never stepped foot in the Wild before.  We are going to help parents & teens come together & spend some quality time together in Nature!  

When I head into the outdoors.  I get so much out of it.  It takes me a while for things to stop rolling in my head from the world.  After a couple of hrs of me setting up camp & unwinding, it starts to sink in & say hey, I am in Nature!  My view is a snow capped mountain every morning when I wake up for the next (3) days or whenever I decide to leave.  

What if these teens look back one day & they say, Woa, CTOO of Woa really helped me out to realize that HS was only short term.  It only lasted (4) years.  We give them a love for Nature and for themselves.  They stop becoming suicidal & start wanting to live!  Teens want to throw in the towel when they hit problems.  They do Not know how to combat anything in this world now!  College kids were crying & pouting when Trump won the election.  People gave them blankets & safe places.  What the Hell are we teaching our kids these days if anything?  Nothing so far!  Problems will happen, Not everyone will like & accept you!  You need to accept & Love yourself! 

CTOO will & can have a dramatic effect on them & for teens to come. 

When I really think of this.  This is the impact that CTOO will have on them!  That is priceless!  You cannot take that away or by that!


My conclusion is that.  We all must do more for people & show love & kindness to one another & Not hate!  This world is trashed & we know it!  Parents must spend more time with there kids & less time @ work!  So many parents spend so much time @ work or working overtime or the night shifts.  A lot parents are single & do Not have the time to do anything with there kids.  It's just a sad situation All around!

Love each other & enjoy this world while you are here!  Lift someone up when you can & be a positive influence!

Thank you!