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Posted: 10/19/2019

Hello everyone & welcome to our None-Profit Business.

I would like to tell you what Hope for Teens is all about & why I have chosen to create this group.

First of all.  Woa does not sell or manufacture anything so we have decided to become a None-Profit company.

About Me

I love & have a passion for the outdoors.  I find my peace & sanity there.  It is quit & tranquil.  I go there when times become hard & stressful.  I have always gone outdoors to enjoy sports as of hunting, fishing, camping & backpacking.  If you read the About Us page on our website that will tell you all about me & what we do at Woa.

Why I started "Hope for Teens"

I have created Hope for Teens because of the ongoing increasing bullying & mass shootings going on in America.  Teenagers can be the best & warmest to you & change into the worst in you!  There are so many kids becoming bullied verbally, physically to now cyber bullying.

I have had my share of being messed with in my life in school.  I started fighting at a young age, Not by choice but because  I had too.  Bullying has been going around ever since the age of mankind.  I believe it is in human nature that people including woman want to be in charge & have dominance over people.  If you watch professional fighters such as UFC & Boxing.  The fighters always try to intimidate each other & one fighter tries to take over & show dominance over each other.

It's All a game & hype that they place on each other.  Look at all of the wars that have taken place in the world.  Our politicians are even bullies but they have the edacity to instruct restraint on us that we shouldn't bully but it is okay that they conduct this laude behavior themselves.  In politics, it is always "do as I say, Not as I do".  

1,200,000 drop outs, 64% bullying Not reported-500,000 reported suicide attempts-5,300 suicides a year-2nd leading cause of death.  Now you ask me, why did I start this group.  I believe that this group & company can & will change these numbers drastically!  We cannot save the whole world or everyone but if we can save one then we have made a difference.  With the right funding & support by the community we will combat this problem & squash it completely!  

I believe Woa can reach teens in Colorado by taking them outdoors & showing them trails, camping spots, & where to backpack at.  We will have fun in the outdoors.  Once we settle down to rest.  We will talk and have a conversation & spend a one-on-one with a teen to find out what is going on with there life.

What will Woa do to help & prevent teens from becoming a victim of bullying

Woa plans to help teens explore the beautiful state of Colorado & the backcountry.  Some teens aren't allowed to drive a vehicle because of age.  Woa will provide a charter bus to take teens to these locations.  We will have fun & talk about there life.  Woa goal is to show support so we can prevent anything bad to them.  Self infliction is the biggest problem with hurt teens.


Bullying is a Nation-Wide epidemic in the U.S..  Some states are worse then others.  Colorado has one of the best programs to combat bullying.  Many times the school District brushes it off ignoring it or throwing it under the carpet when it has been reported.  Then one day it becomes too late & the inevitable happens.  A teen has just taken there life, a mass shooting has occurred, the teen goes into a deep state of depression.  The teens grades has dropped significantly or the teen drops out of school.

Bullies prey of fear.  It is animal instinct that animals prey on fear when they are hunting.  If you are calm & come across a rattlesnake.  It will most likely Not bite you.  If you are erratic & jumping, it will most likely attack you.  Animals who do Not fight back become there meal or just dead!  When a stray dog approaches you & snarls at you & you are calm & slowly walk away, it stops.  If you show fear it will keep snarling at you & maybe attack you.  If you are erratic in the water around a shark.  It will attack you but if you stand still then it will most likely swim away.  Bullies seance fear in people.  2 Timothy 1:7 "We do Not have a spirit of fear but of Love & a sound mind".

No matter how small or weak you are.  You must never show fear toward an animal or a person!  Once you show fear, that person has you & will own & dominate your life as long as you let them too!  Everyone Must & will fight back & defend yourself!  Bullies pick on the lesser prey who they think are vulnerable.  Teens who are picked on need to be told to defend themselves!  You can walk away & evade that person but once they start physically attacking you then you have all the right in the world to defend yourself at all cost!  It is a God's given right that we have & is granted to us!  

So, the conclusion is... Fight back with words & physically if you are attacked physically!  If you show defense then that bully will leave you alone for good & try to find someone else to pester.  The problem with this scenario is, both parties get expelled but you did Not step away like a coward & back down from that person.

School Districts do Not care or do anything about it to stop it at all!


I think the best thing to do is for the person's getting bullied is too forgive the bully.  Sit down with him or her.  Ask them why do you do these things to me.  The bully might end up becoming your best friend then they reveal what is really going on with them & you find out the truth about them.

The best ability that humans have is the will to change.  It is a choice.  You are not born a bully or a racist or a murderer.  You become one by choice & American culture.

Let's start by forgiving each other because we all have our own sins in our lives.  No one should cast the first stone at No One except for God & we are Not God!

Thank you! 

Please fell free to comment on this post!