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Outdoor Non-Profit opportunity

Posted: 04/17/2019


Woa is now offering Non-Profit outdoor companies a place with us so you can reach out to our members about your organazation.

I would like to invite your organization to create a spot with us on our website. 

Your organization will be able to post pictures, videos & a description of your core values of the business.  You will be able to create a group blog then your members will be able to respond to them.

When you create an event, your event will appear on the homepage so everybody can view it then sign up!  Woa will support our Non-Profits 100% all the time!

Woa is working on building a news letter for Non-Profits like yours.  You will have your own news letter that you can post anytime.  Add pictures, videos & links. 

Every time Woa creates an Ad or makes a video, we will always talk about our non-profit businesses so other people will click onto your group page & news letter.  We try to make a video at least 4 times a month.

Whenever we attend an event like on June 8th,  sponsored by the city of Denver (National Get Outdoors Day).  We will inform people about you! If you have any brochures you would like us to share with our members, please send them to us or we can share them at this event.  Woa will also attend the Colorado outdoor expo.

It’s a win, win situation!

There is No Fee associated on what we do.  Woa makes its money from advertisers.  


We are building a new project that will further help your organization as well.  All members will be able to share their YouTube outdoor videos.   As a Non-Profit, you will be able to post your videos on your events for free vs a For Profit company.  We will have a category called, Outdoor Non-Profit.



 ▪ Create a Free listing with us now as a group & discounted pricing for future advertising.

▪ Receive world awareness when Woa creates an Ad or makes a video of our events.

▪ Get local awareness when Woa attends outdoor events, expos & media attention.

▪ You will be listed on every page (New Project) that we make that will drive members to.

▪ Woa will have a special raffle just for your organization once in a while!  Membership is required on doing so

▪Woa will create a public blog on our website that will in return show up on All search engines bringing traffic to your website.  You will tell us what to write & we will post it.

▪ We have 3 popular Face book pages.  We will post your events & your company URL on our pages so our members will know about your organization.