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Backpacking Diamond Lake Trail

Posted: 04/15/2019

Hello everyone!

My name is Kevin.  I want to talk to you about an upcoming backpacking trip happening August 18th (Sunday) to August 21st.  We will all meet at the trail head @ the Diamond Lake parking lot or we can car pool which might be much easier that way.  We will discuss all of that before hand.

Here is some information about the trail. 

About the Lake.

The trail is rated @ 5.6 miles one way.  The trail is located in Nederland, Colorado that has a lake & is rated moderate.  Fishing is allowed there.  I don't know how good the fishing is there but I will find out this June when I make a day trip of it.  If you would like to attend the trip then please send us an e-mail for it.  We will also post it too & send everyone an e-mail.  Dogs are allowed on the trail & at the lake.  Dogs must remain on a leash as to every trail in Colorado.  There is a waterfall there.  

We will start out at around 10,168 FT & climb to an elevation of 1,240 FT.   The lake is an elevation of 10,988 FT.  

What we will do at camp.

Once we arrive at camp.  First, we will all unwind & rest, maybe cook some food or just take a nice long well deserved nap.

Once everyone has settled in & set up there tents, we will probably want to cook & cast a line in the lake to see if we get any bites.  I would like to explore the surroundings of course.  There will be No rules on this trip except to have fun.  I myself will get volunteers to learn some "Wilderness Survival" tips like shelter building, how to make a fish hook from a stick.  How to make fishing twine, what to do incase you do become lost ext...  If anyone would like to bring a game that would be awesome!  For everyone who joins us on this trip will have a chance to win a gift card from REI for 0.00, the second prize will be a Goal Zero solar power device as well.  

How long will we stay & meetup at.

We will be leaving on August 18th (Sunday) & returning back on August 21st (Wednesday).  I am taking (1) week vacation that week so I will be staying the full (3)days unless the weather permits me other wise.  If anyone must leave before the (3) days are up you are more then welcome to take off earlier.  I do appreciate everyone coming on the trip.  I just ask if you do choose to leave earlier to please bring a compass, GPS or map of the area so you can find your way back to the car.  I don't believe there is much cell service up there unless your brining a satellite phone.

What to bring

This is entirely up to you.  I am going to make Bannock bread.  If you don't know what that is here it is. (As made by Indigenous North Americans, bannock is generally prepared with white or whole wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, lard and water or milk, which are combined and kneaded (possibly with spices, dried fruits or other flavoring agents added) then fried in rendered fat, vegetable oil, or shortening).  Here is a link to a fuller description of it. 

Anytime you backpack, the Golden rule is always to pack light & only bring what you need.  People always say, it's better to have more then less but when you backpack it may Not be the case.  If you want to carry a heavy load then that is entirely up to you.  I suggest set up your trip from the duration of it & when you are packing out.  

I hope everyone can come on this trip.  I really look forward to it.  Feel Free to contact us & send us an e-mail & we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you.

Take care!