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Stauntan State Park (Elk Falls)

Posted: 08/20/2018

Good evening.  We had a blast last week with some Awesome members who joined our group @

The Drive

If you reside in Colorado then we suggest that you Join this group.  Staunton State Park is Located near Shaffers Crossing Colorado.  Our hike was an estimated 10.3 Miles long.  We started out on a warm Sunday afternoon.  I picked up my members & there beautiful pit bull whish was very sweet & kind.  We started out in Denver & hopped onto i-285 driving through the small town of Conifer.  Conifer has a lot of great hiking & biking trails.  We stopped in Conifer to get a bite to eat at a Wendys.  After we ordered our food.  We continued on our way.  The drive to the park is only about 43 minutes from Denver.  We arrived at the park & paid .00 for a pass & parked our car.

The Hike

We started out on the hike.  I wrote an article on what to bring during a short or long hike.  These are the items I brought.  For a 10.3 mile hike I came a little over prepared.  I brought with me a Sol survivor bag, Fire kit, head lamp, survival knife, water filter & waterproof jacket.  Okay, maybe I watched a little too much YT survival videos... But I was prepared never the less LOL  I dumped everything in the Jeep except the water filter which actually came in handy.  I cannot tell you how much water we drank from all 3 of us.  NOTE: Always bring some type of vitamins or supplements as electrolytes.  Water alone will only hydrate you to a point.  Your body looses so much especially on a 10.3 mile hike.  Adults Must drink 1 Lit of water per Hr, Children must drink 1-2 cups every Hr.  I had my camel pack whish can hold about 3 Lit of water.  At the end of the trip, when we arrived at the waterfall.  My members ran out of water.  It's a good thing that I brought my water filter.  I knew I brought it for a reason.  With my experience hiking in the back country for 20 yrs, I have learned a thing or two with it.  Always bring iodine & water purifying tablets.  The iodine removes the bad taste & the tablets makes sure that the water is 100% clean.  


Mason Creek Trail merging into Bugling Elk trail

We started out on the trail (MC) mason creek trail & took that all the way to (BL) Bugling elk trail.  Along the trail.  Rock climbers are allowed to climb in this area with a permit of course.  Pictures are coming soon.  Note: there are numerous mountain bikers & runners on this trail so always stay to your right.  As your hiking on (MC) you will come across some old cabins that are Not in use anymore.  You are welcomed to observe them.  The trail has ended for (BL) so we merged onto trail (BE) Border Line trail.  Just before you make the merge.  You can take a left that will take you on another trail that is about 2.5 Miles long.  You will come across a nice bridge with a small stream flowing right before you with a porter potty.  Be sure to go now because there is no other down the path.  To head to the Elk Falls Pond, you want to make a left onto (BE).  There is No sign telling you to make the left hand walk.  There is a small marker down the path.  

Border Line Trail

As you start to walk down which is 2.5 miles long.  On your right you will come across some beautiful meadows.  You can see how the grass has been laid down from moose.  This is moose habitat so Please don't approach them!  Unfortunately we did Not come across any that day.  The road goes straight then takes a left turn.  Not too far, you will arrive at the (Elk Falls Pond).  Pictures coming soon!  This pond is beautiful!  Fishing is allowed with permit only.  You will find a Ranger cabin there too.  We stopped, rested & ate some food from a much needed rest.  I took some pictures & video.  We debated about going to the falls.  His son wasn't feeling to great but I managed to talk him into it.  

Elk Falls Hike

So here we are.  Hiking another approximate 0.6 miles.  We were now on path (CR) chimney rock trail.  Falls, here we come!  This was a bit of a climb but in shade.  You will walk along a nice rock wall covered with trees surrounding you providing you shade.  Beware of bikers of bikers on your left.  As you become closer to the falls.  You will come to an open meadow where climbers are allowed.  As you approach the falls you will hear it's rushing water.  There is an overlook of the falls so you do not have to hike straight to the falls.  But we were adventurousness so we took the hard rout.  You have to walk down a staircase path to get to the falls.  If you have small children then Please hold there hand.  The walk down is very well worth it.  There we are.  Standing at the falls.  We took some pictures & filled our water bottles up using my water filter & had a nice rest.  Even the dog was enjoying himself too!

The hike back was about 5 miles in.  I suggest that you find this trail on the internet.  I will post the trail right here so you can just click on it making it easy for you to find.  I am posting some videos & pictures down below.

Be sure to Join us @ for your Colorado Adventures.  We are going to hike the next 50 waterfalls.  1 down & 49 to go...

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Thank you



Awesome! I had a great time here!