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Backpacking Groups

Posted: 08/19/2018


Are you in search of a Great Backpacking or outdoor group?  When you finally find one, there is a membership fee & it is usually too much.  Well, I feel your pain here!  This is why I have created a website called  What we are is an outdoor social group.  You can learn more about us here.  Just click on the link.   We are a World Wide networking group filled with Adventurers & outdoor enthusiasts who are seeking other people to meet, make friends & invite to our events.  It is nice to venture off on your own sometimes but wouldn't it also be nice to have a group of people that have other skills to teach & to show you how you can become better at your sport?

This is why I have created this website.  So Please Join us @ our website Today!  If you live in Colorado then Join us @ & start meeting others Today!  We are a Colorado based company here to serve you in your outdoor needs. 

Follow us @ woameet on Facebook @

Thank you!